Please remember that our resort is at the END of Muncy Drive, NOT 1/2 way down the road as our street number would lead you to believe when mapping ! Reserve your dates today so you are assured a wonderful ATV vacation !!!

Call now...(304) 426-5080 !!!

~Please pay special attention to amount of vehicles allowed in base price

of any site at our premium trail location~

Devil Anse ATV Resort New Store is now OPEN !!!

I’m so excited about my new HUGE store finally being open ! I now have the largest selection of souvenirs on the trails. Come see my HUGE stock of t-shirts, hoodies, Frog Togg rain gear, hats, beanies, dust masks, goggles, koozies, decals, magnets, shot glasses, etc… & to go along with our coffee mugs we also now have a fresh COFFEE BAR, made to order with all the fixin’s.

Welciome to my new store !

Welciome to my new store !

new items added daily !

Now we have more than enough room for lots of products you want or need. Many of my previous resort family guests will remember coming to my own cabin to check in & see souvenirs that I had for sale in a VERY “packed in” area. We are blessed to have grown our business enough to add this beautiful new store. The ONLY store directly on the trail system ! Stay tuned to my facebook page as I will be adding items over the next few months & the beginning of next season ! Suprises await !



You name, I’ve got it in all sizes too from Youth, Adult extra small all the way to 5XL ! Only the best for my guests & trail riders !


Fresh brewed coffee/tea bar

Mornings just sometimes don’t come alive until that first cup of coffee so if you’re awake but the rest of your group is not, come see me at our Coffee Bar for a nice selection of coffee. I serve Starbucks & Krispy Kreme brands or try my Tazo Hot Tea or even hot chocolate to bring you alive ! Thanks to my special guests, Joe & Carolyn Schupp plus their son Jon for the beautiful vintage stove that now houses our coffee bar. They’re too good to me !

Fun videos by our guests & resort views !

I've decided to dedicate a page to spectacular videos by both professionals & our guests who have taken videos while at our resort or on the sensational Hatfield~McCoy trails !  Here are some videos just taken by really "tech savvy" guests & HMT friends.  Come join our guests & send in your videos too ! 

Upper property view

Upper property view

The store is up but now as of April 2019, all the old sheds are gone towards the trail gate & space is being made for more RV & Cabin Sites !

The store is up but now as of April 2019, all the old sheds are gone towards the trail gate & space is being made for more RV & Cabin Sites !

Now THIS is relaxing ! What a great vacation…ride, relax, repeat !

Now THIS is relaxing ! What a great vacation…ride, relax, repeat !

More than just a place to rest your head.


Relax, you're on vacation !  Do you have mountains to trail ride or hike like this in your own backyard ?  Take advantage of all our resort has to offer.  We have many on-site services to make your stay even more enjoyable !




We have both 7# & 22# bags of ice !


Firewood for Sale

  It is just $ 25 for 25 pieces (pretty big pieces too) !   USDA Forest Service has asked that firewood not be transported state to state. Visit www.na.fs.fed.us for more information.

Fishing Pond

As you can see our guest caught a HUGE catfish.  Try your chance at catching a whopper in our catch & release pond, although smaller today than it ever was our guests are still catching small fish & I think this big catfish is still in there because I see something making big splashes now & again! A lot of fishing has gone on in this pond for many years.  The previous owners even fed corn to them from the porch.  That's where the "huge" fish comes in !  



I presently have 5 restaurants & 1 mini-mart that deliver !  I have a list of additional restaurants within a 20+ minute drive so you have more choices if you'd like to go out  !

Grill, Firepit & Picnic table combo !

How about just sitting back around a campfire & unwinding ?  You probably played really hard today.  Take it easy & unwind.  Inside or out, we've got you covered !

Fuel Nearby

The Marathon gas station is only 2.5 miles from our road-Muncy Drive.  So you'll never have to worry about not having enough gas or traveling far to find gas.  We've got it covered !

ATV Wash

Just $ 20/machine/3-4 night stay. Wash your machine as often as you like. Includes flushing out the radiators! We now have a FIRE HOSE, great pressure!


Guided wild horse & Tug Fork river tours

We LOVE horses, so this is a really fun tour (2 locations) for us.  We often even see 2-3 foals !  The Tug Fork river is beautiful too & often you're able to ride your machines in the river if it's not too high that day.  Tours are $ 30 pp with a 6 person minimum. Usually an all day event on Saturdays.  Pack a lunch for this tour.


Permits sold at our resort

For the convenience of our guests we sell Hatfield McCoy Trail permits.  The cost is $ 26.50 pp for in state & military service men & women, both active or retired.  The out of state permits are $ 50 pp. These permits are good from Jan. 1-Dec. 31.


This little bathhouse was totally renovated.  It includes a shower, plenty of space & a bench too.  We've received many compliments on how nice it is & how clean it always remains !

Wi-fi & Cable TV


I ask this question because of all the beauty around you.  It's your vacation, stay connected or unplug from the distractions.  We supply basic cable & Wi-fi.  However, if you're trying to "stream" content while all our other guests are doing the same then we're in trouble.



 All our "little" ATV riders...let's get them really tired out having more fun on the playground so mom & dad can have a peaceful evening sitting around the fire pit !!  Please keep a watchful eye on them though.  My granddaughter calls it her pirate ship...ahoy matey's...come aboard !

Living it up at Devil Anse ATV Resort


At Devil Anse ATV Resort we believe a true ATV resort should allow you the ability to do everything you want to do right from the resort. At Devil Anse ATV Resort you can get out of bed & get right on your ATV. Just drive out our back gate & there you are...directly on the Devil Anse trail ! That's why we chose this property to open our resort.

Our address shows us only midway down Muncy Drive but we are in fact located down at the very end of Muncy Drive (1 mile in-You'll see our gate when you get there).

You will pass lots of residential homes, then a change from blacktop to a narrower gravel road & our gate is at the end. Don't worry, ALL RV's will fit under all overhead power & cable lines at our front entrance. I promise !!!



Hatfield~McCoy Trail System covers hundreds of miles of off-road trails.

Located in 6 of 9 project counties in southern West Virginia.  The Hatfield~McCoy Trail Authority is doing a spectacular job !   Not only are they growing this trail system, but doing a terrific job of maintaining all the trails with "back up" trail options for when work is being done & they have very well marked trail signs.  It's hard to get lost on one of their trails.  Their goal is to have a world class trail system with safety as a main emphasis.  By the time they are complete, it is possible that they may have up to 2,000 miles of trails !  Join us in giving them a standing ovation for all their trails but especially, our trail system...Devil Anse, I guess you know why this is our favorite !.

The whole reason Devil Anse ATV Resort came to be is because our property DIRECTLY connects to the Devil Anse trail in the CENTER of all 300+ miles of trails, considered to be the "sweet spot"...half way between 2 of the original trails...Buffalo Mountain & Rockhouse trail systems.

Happy trails y'all & be safe out there !