Resort Info. & Rules:


Trail Permits:  We make it very convenient for you.  We sell the Hatfield~McCoy Trail permits at Devil Anse ATV Resort, along with maps for any of the trails you wish to ride on, including the almost 300 miles of connected trails out our back gate...Devil Anse, Buffalo Mountain & Rockhouse. Check with us for all the local gossip about the trails.  Additionally, if you are or were in the Military then you will be allowed to buy a trail permit at the “in state” price of $ 26.50/yearly pass.  We love our military men & women but you have to have your military ID with you to receive this great deal from our state !  Out of state permits are presently $ 50.00 for the entire calendar year ! This is a spectacular deal !  

Hatfield~McCoy Trail rules:  The main 2 rules that come to mind are that you must wear helmets & you must buy permits for all riders, young & old (which you "sticker" to the left side of your helmet).  No night riding either.  For full listing of rules please visit the Www.TrailsHeaven.com website.

Security:  In an ongoing effort to secure your ATV’s & UTV's, etc.  we will be locking the gate to the Devil Anse trail head each night within 1 hour after dark & our front gate will automatically close & stay locked after every entry.  You will be supplied with a gate code when making your reservation.

Cable & Internet:  We understand that keeping in touch via phone & internet is very important to you.  Guests at Devil Anse ATV Resort are able to tie into our free cable TV and Wi-Fi services.   We will do our very best to keep you connected.  However, if you are trying to "stream" content you may have some difficulties if many others are doing the same.  We are trying very hard to keep the megabytes high so you can connect like you were at home.

Pets:  We know you love your pets, but some of our guests who may stay after you in a cabin could have allergies so we have decided to NOT allow pets in the cabins.  If you are renting an RV site you may have non-aggressive breeds (on leashes always) on your RV or Tent site.  Remember...if THEY POOP, PLEASE SCOOP !  Pets are never allowed to be left (while riding) on a chain outside at your RV or Tent site !

Bathhouse:  We have 1 uni-sex bathroom/building with full bath facility.  Please don't wash muddy clothes in the sinks or showers.  Thanks, in advance for your understanding !

Quiet time & Personal conduct:  We appreciate, in advance you adhering to our quiet time hours as our guests from 11 pm to 7 am.  NO RIDING MACHINES OR MUSIC allowed after 11pm !!! Strictly enforced. We know you're on vacation & want you to have fun.  Please do ! We just ask that you respect those around you & keep your fun to a "dull roar" for your neighbors sake after 11pm.  Also, please keep your children within view so they don't wander off on their own or onto other guests sites.  Thanks !

Firearms:  OK, we're not against guns but PLEASE, there are NO firearms allowed on resort property although the Hatfield McCoy Trail system does allow them. The only exception is for law enforcement professionals.

Mud in the cabins:  I beg of you, PLEASE drop your boots at the front door in the boot trays before entering your cabin after riding all day.  I will be such a “happy camper” if you would help us out with this request.

Weather Policy:  There are no refunds due to inclement weather.  Sorry if the weather is awful (I know there are some of you who LOVE the mud though, especially if the other option is dust !)

Campfires:  Sorry to say but the state of WV will NOT allow firewood to be brought from other states to WV.  We do sell firewood here at the resort or just pick up dead wood you see on my property.  For the safety of our beautiful mountains, please keep all campfires within the fire pit provided on your site.  Please attend fire at all times !

Smoking:  All cabins & buildings on the resort property are smoke free.  When smoking outside please throw butts into the fire pit.  Thanks !

Registration, check-in & visitors:  Please register at the resort office (our home for now) upon arrival.  Check in is 3 pm (sooner if I have your cabin or RV site ready-no promises though) & check out is no later than 11 am firm.  If you do need a late check in we will be glad to accommodate you but please do not off-load ATV's until the following morning after 7 am (please respect quiet hours).  All day time visitors of guests must obtain a resort pass at the office & pay a parking fee & will be required to leave no later than 11 pm.   Thanks !

Adding nights to your stay:  Please check with the office the night before your final night in order to obtain approval to stay longer.  Do NOT start any trail riding the morning you are to leave without obtaining permission to lengthen your stay !

Vehicles & Parking:  There will always be parking for at least 1 truck & trailer, your RV (if applicable) plus all your ATV's per site.  If need be we will let you know where the additional parking is on-site for more vehicles.  On RV & tent sites only, there is an additional parking fee AFTER the first truck & camper OR box trailer per site.

Garbage:  Our on-site dumpster is opposite the RV sites.  Just bag your garbage & walk across the parking lot to drop it in the dumpster. Our pick up days are Monday & Thursday.  Please don't burn garbage in the fire pits.  Don’t leave open food outside at night or you may get a “thank you” call from a bear.  Thanks !

 Fishing in our pond:   We are happy to let you fish in our pond.  We implement a catch & release policy, although the pond is a lot smaller than when we first opened.  Please be very careful along the bank of the pond & do not attempt to traverse the bank.  Stay at ground level at all times.  You must voluntarily & expressly assume all risk for fishing at our pond.  Safety is our main concern for you.

Food & other stuff:  All of the menus for restaurants delivering to my resort are listed in a photo album on my Facebook page.  

  • A neighbor of mine owns Maw & Paws Grab ‘n Go. He has offered to deliver any items that they sell including pizza, wings, BBQ, steak sandwiches, bread, milk, eggs, beer, & lots of other food related items like you would find at any mini-mart. They are very close to our resort.  Their current hours of operation are from 9 am-10 pm (Mon.-Sat.) & their phone # is (304) 426-5111.    

  • When in Matewan, have lunch or go back for dinner to either Wingo’s  Grill (they do not sell alcohol but allow riders to bring in their own while they eat) or Mi Pueblito, terrific Mexican food.  Both fantastic restaurants ! They are both on Facebook too at  Wingo’s Grill or Mi Pueblito !  Menus are posted.   

  • Also delivering is Giovanni’s Pizza & More, located at WV-65, North Matewan, WV (304) 426-8196 (Www.GiovannisPizzaPower.com)

  • Also delivering Smokin Pit BBQ, 108 Pike St., Williamson, (304) 236-3045, they too have Facebook pages & they deliver for 6+ entrees or more, see Annie for large group catering from them !  This place is one of my favorite !

  • Yet another great restaurant that delivers & another favorite of mine & has a Facebook page is The Gravy Bowl in Pie (just 1 1/2 miles away !).   Breakfast anytime, they are open 7am-8pm daily (Mon.-Fri.) & 8am-8pm (Sat.). (304) 426-9030. They are closed on Sun.

  • Mr. T’s Pizza & More delivers too at 1749 Rt. 65 in Delbarton, (304) 475-3605.

  • Mountain Trails Carryout is now delivering too & is very good ! They are located near Matewan in Red Jacket. Their number is (304) 426-5644. They also have a Facebook page.

  • Happy Trails also delivers, they are located at the intersetion of Old Hwy. 52 & Rt. 65-S in Taylorsville. They have a FB page-Kaitlyn HappyTrails, (304) 426-2070.

  • Granny Jack’s in Omar is a superb southern home cooked meal (along with pizza).  A favorite of locals !!! They will meet you at the Marathon Gas station at the top of Horse Pen Mountain for picking up orders.  Call them at (304) 946-4656. Their menu is on www.menupix.com.

Other stores near by:  Dollar General also has about everything, including beer & is just 5 miles further west of Muncy Dr. or head up to the Marathon gas station, of course, where you can get gas & they have a grill for sandwiches too.  They are 2.5 miles east of Muncy Dr.

Items to remember to bring:  OK everyone, don’t forget your chairs for around the fire pit.  Other items that are sometimes overlooked on the list of items to bring would be shampoo, soap, dish washing soap, paper towels, charcoal (if you like), coffee, sugar, creamer.  I have an ice machine with 7# or 22# bags for your convenience at our resort.  Other items to consider would be extra tires for your machines (obviously sidewall blowouts can’t be fixed-we had that happen to 2 groups our first weekend open !),  gas cans loaded with gas for your ATV’s, all the food you would like to consume unless you’ll be eating out or ordering in for each meal & toiletries.  Remember, the closest grocery store to me is in Gilbert (about 25 min. drive by road). 

Items provided in cabins:  Plate sets, silverware, pots & pans, pyrex, cooking utensils, can opener, bottle opener, cups, coffee mugs, coffee maker & filter (12 cup), microwave, stove top (oven also in Devil Anse Hideout cabin), sheets, blanket, pillow & toilet paper. Each guest is supplied with one bath towel, hand towel & washcloth per stay.  They are NOT changed out daily.  If you need more towels for your personal use or for your ATV or wiping boots off, etc… you will need to bring those from home. That about covers the important stuff.

RV site rentals:  All but 1 of our RV sites are equipped with 50 amp service only, the other is 30 amp only but ALL are full hook-ups.   Don't forget to bring an adaptor if you have 30 amp service for the 50 amp sites or if you have a box trailer & will be sleeping in it & need 110 service. Adaptors will be necessary. I do sell 50amp to 30 amp & also 30amp to 110V in my store.  Of course you know the routine, you’ve probably been outfitting your RV supplies for along time with all the groceries, etc… that you always use.  Don’t forget your bath towels, bath soap, etc…  You, of course will have full use of the Bathhouse too.

Age requirement for rentals:  You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a cabin, rv or tent site. The guest who books at the age of 21 or older must also come on the trip & show identification.

Cancellation policy:   Our cancellation policy requires that you give notice of cancellation prior to 60 days (in our neck of the woods NOBODY waits till the last minute to book anything !).  A resort fee of $ 50 is imposed on all cancellations & as long as you have given us a 60 day notice you will receive all but a $ 50 admin. fee back.  If less than 60 days then the balance of your deposit will only be returned IF I am able to re-rent your cabin, rv or tent site.  

Thank you so very much for staying with us !

We will do everything we can to assure you a

terrific ATV vacation !!